Distinctively Christian.
Academically Excellent.

Equipping students through an excellent, Biblically based and Christ-centered education.


For over 35 years, Berean Christian Academy has been entering into partnerships with parents who are committed to a total education process that is centered on God and His Word and results in the academic development of the will and character.

We seek to develop the total person of the student by focusing on four core pillars: spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical. Students are taught from solid, Biblical principles to integrate God’s Word into critical areas of their lives.


Berean Christian Academy is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and developing Christ-like students that have a heart and passion for the things of God.

  • Biblical Emphasis – you can have confidence that your child will be taught from a Biblical worldview.

  • Smaller Class Sizes  – smaller classroom settings provide a better environment conducive to learning.

  • Extracurricular Activites – students have the option to participate in athletics, music lessons, orchestra and more.

Berean Christian Academy is an integrated auxiliary of the ministry of Immanuel Baptist Church and operates under its constitution.


Berean Christian Academy exists to assist parents in educating their children by providing an academically excellent, Biblically based and Christ-centered quality education.

We believe the Bible is the standard of all truth and knowledge and therefore, are committed to teaching all subjects with God’s Word as the focal point. We believe it is our God-given responsibility to teach our students traditional education fundamentals and life skills that will prepare our students to develop goals, make decisions, and live lives that are centered on Christ and glorifying to God.

Although we serve “in loco parentis”- in the place of the parent – we believe that parents have the ultimate responsibility for their children, and therefore, they are accountable to God for their children’s spiritual and moral welfare.

Our purpose is to enter into a partnership with Christian parents who are obediently committed to a total education process that is centered on God and His Word and results in the academic development of the mind and spiritual development of the will and character. We embrace the privilege and responsibility that God and parents impart to us in the education of the heart and mind of each of our students.

Berean Christian Academy was founded as a ministry of Immanuel Baptist Church. BCA began in 1982 with a K-4 class through the twelfth grade. The philosophy of BCA has remained constant throughout the years – academic excellence based on the Word of God. It has, since its inception, offering a quality based Christian education. BCA graduates are located throughout the United States in many areas of service both sacred and secular.

We seek to train our students to have a Biblical world view that will guide them through life as they seek to know and do God’s will. God’s Word is the hub of the educational wheel; the Source of the wisdom that is needed to properly apply all that is learned.




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