Students Are Encouraged To Learn Music At BCA

Whether it be learning to love music through an elementary music class or furthering piano studies in private lessons, music is an integral part of BCA. Students of Berean Christian Academy will have the opportunity to broaden their music education as far as they wish to soar. Elementary music classes and teen choir are integrated into the curriculum to help expose students to different music avenues, whether it be vocal or instrumental. This allows the student to decide if he would like to pursue music a little more seriously.

Our vocal department provides student of all ages to participate in various school programs and our annual recital. Students are taught proper breathing, projection, and presence on the platform. If your child enjoys singing, he will also have the option to audition for one of our many singing groups. These groups sing for school functions as well as in the community.

Our piano department is rapidly growing! Parents will have the opportunity to register their child for weekly piano lessons. Piano labs and private lessons are a great way for children to learn a new instrument and to develop their music theory.

Lastly students can be enrolled in our orchestra program. This class meets twice a week and is a way for students to learn the instrument that they have always dreamed of pursuing. This class participates in the school programs and annual music recital as well.

The opportunities for music are endless at BCA. Music helps to teach character as well as passion and dedication. Please contact the school office for any questions concerning our music program.

Music Classes

  • Music Appreciation
  • Beginner Orchestra
  • Advanced Orchestra

  • Beginner Piano
  • Advanced Piano

  • Vocal Ensembles

  • Elementary Choir

  • High School Choir

Yearly Programs

  • Recitals
  • Annual Christmas Program
  • Fine Arts Competition
  • Community Caroling

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