Payments Have Been Moved to Gradelink

Berean Christian Academy is updating its payment system to enhance efficiency and convenience for all. Starting December 1, 2023, we will transition from using Square to Gradelink for all school-related payments.

This change is part of our ongoing commitment to streamline administrative processes and provide a more integrated school management experience. Gradelink is a secure and user-friendly platform that will allow you to manage your payment obligations with ease. We appreciate your cooperation and are here to support you through this transition.

Detailed instructions on how to make a payment can be found below.

Berean Christian Academy

How To Make a Payment

Here are the instructions for paying school bills online.

  1. Log into your Gradelink account
  2. Click the Billing tab on the left
  3. Click on the Pay tabs to pay the school bill

To set up AutoPay for monthly payments of the same amount, click on the Add AutoPay Plan at the top of the screen and follow instructions/prompts.

Currently, Gradelink doesn’t offer the ability to do this in the mobile app, so all payments will need to be done from a computer or laptop.