Student Opportunities at BCA


BCA provides a full schedule of events for everyone. In the fall, the girls compete in volleyball. During the winter athletic season, boys compete in basketball and the girls participate in Spirit Club.


Berean Christian Academy holds two major fundraisers a year – one in the fall and one in the spring. These present a fun and exciting opportunity for students to demonstrate school spirit, help the school, and enjoy a bit of friendly competition. Funds raised support a specific school need. Parental participation in fundraisers is greatly encouraged and appreciated.

Piano and Instrument Lessons

BCA offers its school families the opportunity to have students receive piano and instrument lessons during the school day. Fees for such lessons are paid to the school and are in addition to regular school tuition. More information may be obtained through the school office.

Senior Trip

Each year, the school sponsors a special trip for the senior class. Students raise money for the trip throughout the year with various fundraising activities. Seniors are required to participate equally in helping to raise funds and attending the trip.


Yearbooks that chronicle the present year are available each spring. The yearbook staff and adviser produce a full-color, hard-back yearbook. It serves as a colorful and endearing reminder of the special times and experiences that characterize students’ days at Berean Christian Academy.

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